New therapeutic approach for treating MASLD/MASH

CMR CureDiab Metabolic Research GmbH

CureDiab high-tech start-up: Our vision

CMR CureDiab Metabolic Research GmbH is a recently established high-tech start-up in the seed phase. As a spin-off from the German Diabetes Center, CureDiab operates high-tech labs integrated in the infrastructure of the center. The vision of the company is to establish a new therapeutic approach for treating MASLD/MASH based on activation of the GABA-A ion channel. A corresponding patent application has been filed.

CureDiab also operates as CRO for multiple aspects of metabolic research based on the long-lasting expertise of the founder. Please contact us for consulting and any aspect of in vitro metabolic research.
Fatty liver conceptual image, 3D illustration showing fatty liver silhouette made from micrograph of liver steatosis
Primary human cell culture models available for assesment of metabolic function
All modern biochemical assays established, custom requests can be adapted.
Downstream signaling, gene expression analysis and multiple assays using digital microscopy available

Stages of the fatty liver

Metabolic dysfunction–associated steatotic liver disease (MASLD) has become the most common liver disease, affecting around 25% of the population worldwide. The spectrum of MASLD encompasses different abnormalities, ranging from a simple steatosis to metabolic dysfunction–associated steatohepatitis (MASH) with various degrees of inflammation, ballooning, necrosis, fibrosis, and ultimately, cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma.
The heterogeneity of the diseases and its complex pathophysiological mechanisms represent a challenge to defining potent drugs for all patients with MASH. Only one pharmacological treatment has been approved for MASH, delineating the mechanisms underlying the pathogenesis of MASLD is crucial to managing MALSD and its comorbidities.
Realistic stages of a fatty liver -- 3D Rendering

CureDiab develops a novel first-in-class approach for steatotic liver