The Challenge

Stop fatty liver !

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is a major chronic disease. There is a high medical need for NAFLD/NASH treatment, as the prevalence is very high (25% of the population affected) and there is no approved drug for the treatment of NAFLD and NASH. This disease is associated with severe injury of hepatocytes leading to fibrosis and liver cirrhosis. CureDiab addresses NAFLD with a novel first in class therapy.

Fatty liver - a global disease

NAFLD is worldwide the most common chronic liver disease affecting 25% of worldwide population. Not only adults are affected, even every 3rd child with obesity develops NAFLD.

NASH, the advanced form of NAFLD, is a severe liver disease affecting about 3% of the population and is the leading cause for liver cirrhosis, transplantation, and liver carcinoma.

At least 50% of the NASH patients develop type 2 diabetes. More than 160 Mio NAFLD patients and more than 27 Mio NASH patients are affected in Europe and USA. Worldwide more than 1.5 billion patients suffer from NAFLD and 225 Mio. from NASH.
fat man with big belly have stomach pain risk of colon cancer esophageal cancer and stomach cancer, fatty liver, diabetes, high blood pressure angina Hyperlipidemia. concept of the dangers of obesity.
The yearly growth for NAFLD patients is strong with 2.2% and even higher for NASH patients: 6.3%. NAFLD / NASH are left with very few management options, most approved is lifestyle intervention.
However, this intervention shows limited success. There is no approved pharmacotherapy for this disease so far.

Next to the high medical need NAFLD creates a high financial pressure on the health systems. In Europe and US NAFLD annual direct medical costs are about 126 billion Euros / year. Therefore, there is a high medical need to develop a pharmacotherapy.