Our Team

CureDiab has a fully operative team in place including an outstanding scientific advisory board, external scientific consultant, and an experienced lab team. The founder of CureDiab, Prof. Juergen Eckel, acts as CEO and Dr. Elisabeth Rohbeck supports the team as CSO.
"Our vision is nothing more than the Cure for Diabetes..."
Juergen is Professor of Clinical Biochemistry at the German Diabetes Center with more than 40 years of experience in metabolic research. He holds several patents and has authored more than 200 scientific publications.

Prof. Dr. Juergen Eckel

Chief Executive Officer
"Innovation defines our Future"
Elisabeth is a molecular biologist with a broad expertise in the pathophysiology of metabolic disorders and specifically trained for drug development management. During her PhD she focuses on pharmacological interventions for MASLD, including our lead compound.

Dr. Elisabeth Rohbeck

Chief Scientific Officer
"A sustainable Business Case is essential to support Science"
Holger is an experienced financial expert, working more than 30 years as CFO and Business Consultant in various industries. In the last more than 15 years as Biotech-CFO he has been responsible for i.a. financial planning and reporting, private financing rounds and international licensing agreements. He is supporting CureDiab as Consulting CFO part-time.

Holger Schmoll

Consulting CFO

Preclinical Consulting

GermanyGranzer Regulatory Consulting & Services

Scientific Advisory Board

GermanyProf. Dr. Michael Roden

He is the Scientific Director of the German Diabetes Center and an internationally recognised expert in the field of fatty liver.

GermanyProf. Dr. Dr. Hans-Georg Joost

He was the President of the German Diabetes Association, Scientific Director of the German Institute of human Nutrition and a member of Leopoldina.

GermanyProf. Dr. Diethelm Tschöpe

He is the Director of the Diabetes Center Bad Oeynhausen and an expert in experimental and clinical cardio-vascular biology and complications.

IsraelProf. Dr. Arie-Lev Gruzman

He is a professor of chemistry at Bar Ilan University specializing in Medicinal Chemistry.